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Sales Policy



Animals can be reserved by sending us an email at, or by sending a Facebook message to our farm page. If the desired animal is available, you must place a 50 percent non-refundable deposit within 24 hours. You can also be put on a wait list for a particular breeding for free. No animal can be held unless a deposit is paid in full within 24 hours. We accept payment through Paypal (friends and family), Venmo, or cash only. All payments must be made at the time of pickup. Animals are not considered bought until paid in full. All sales are final. Because we cannot guarantee the condition and health of an animal after it leaves our care, we cannot offer any returns or refunds for any reason. We cannot take an animal back onto our property once it leaves because we cannot be sure of its exposure to diseases while away. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel a sale at any time (with a refund). We reserve the right to retain any animal.  

Health Guarantee

Animals offered for sale are healthy at the time of the sale. Buyers, or their representatives picking up the animal are responsible for checking for signs of defects, illness, or injury before they leave the property. Since we cannot ensure the care of the animal after it leaves our property, it then becomes the buyers responsibility after leaving the premises. We offer no guarantees of future health or development (e.g. height, scurs, milk production, etc.). In the event that an animal becomes unwell or dies in our care, buyers may choose a full refund, or to apply their deposit to another animal. We test yearly for CL, CAE, and Johnes and have always been negative.

Picking Up Your Animal

Kids will be ready for pickup between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks, depending on when we feel that they are weaned and ready to be on their own. Sometimes we will keep doe kids longer so that they have time to mature to their full potential. We will hold an animal for 7 days after the agreed upon pickup date. Starting on the 8th day, a $5 per day boarding fee will be incurred. Starting on the 12th day, the animal will be placed up for sale, and any deposit received will be forfeited. 

How Our Kids are Raised

We prefer to combo raise all of our kids unless stated otherwise in rare cases where it is not possible. We keep all kids on their dam, and we also milk twice a day. Once kids are two weeks old, we separate them from their dams overnight, and milk in the mornings. Once a month, we separate kids from their dams for 24 hours so that we can do a milk test. During those 24 hours, they will be offered milk from a bottle. Kids will be left on the dam during the day to nurse. We will not sell one kid to a home that does not already have goats. You may purchase a companion from us or from another herd. Goats are herd animals, so this is for the benefit of the goat. Other non-goat animals do not count as companions. 

Registration and Pricing

All animals sold as registered will come with their applications or original certificates and signed transfers. Buyers will be responsible for all registration and transfer fees. Doe kids start at $550 and go up. Buck kids start at $300 and go up. Wethers and grade bucks are $200 each. A discount may be given to 4H or performance homes. You must be able to show proof, and it will be based on a case by case basis. There also may be discounts for purchasing multiple animals. 

Prices may change upon evaluation of the animal themselves or the dams udder. Any changes will be communicated to the potential buyer immediately. 

All goats will be tattooed, disbudded, be on cocci prevention, and have their CD/T vaccination unless discussed otherwise. If you do not want your kid disbudded, you must pay for them in full within 24 hours of being born. This will be a non-refundable payment. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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